I'll bring the crayons

I design brand identities, websites, dashboards, phone & tablet apps, user journeys & interfaces for media, finance and retail businesses. For the last six years I have helped four startups build their brand and their product, designing and finessing the experience their users have from start to finish.

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Dash Audio

Dash offers a suite of superior audio analytics tools

With a particular focus on podcasting, Dash offers publishers the right tools to analyse their audio content, gaining valuable insight into their audience’s likes and dislikes. As Design Lead I am responsible for the company’s visual identity and our products’ user journeys.

Analytics Dashboard

Designs for the analytics dashboard include line & pie charts, location charts, cohort analysis and an individual audio content management system. The trick here was to present charts in a meaningful and engaging way, ensuring customers get actionable data rather than a plethora of numbers. Less is more, I guess...

iPhone app

Dash Jukebox is a free iOS10 podcast app that will be launched this autumn and includes generous sharing options and playlist capabilities. I really do believe we are making the best podcast player on the market (honestly!)

The nitty gritty

Being part of a tech startup you get involved with everything; I’ve designed investor presentations and chipped in on the content, created a complete set of UI elements, designed three consumer facing websites and designed bespoke mockups for numerous leads... All is well on the Western front.

I generally use Sketch and feed the designs into Marvel to create a prototype. Or I mock up a website in HTML & CSS for a more in-browser design experience. I use InDesign for any print collateral and Illustrator for icons and illustrations, which I sometimes bring into After Effects to animate.


Feed your ears

Jukebox is a podcast manager by Dash which we completely redesigned and re-engineered from the ground up. With the new Jukebox it is easier than ever to find your way around the exploding amount of quality podcasts... and did I mention sharing?

Dash Connect

Feed Soundcloud data into Google Analytics

We built complex crawling technology into the system from the get go. To showcase this we are allowing anyone with a Soundcloud account to sign up and feed the data into Google Analytics, effectively creating a dashboard of actionable data from pre-existing accounts.


Donate to your favourite charity with your favourite app

#PAY is a service that lets users connect their Twitter account with a preferred payment method, allowing them to make payments to trusted merchants within Twitter.

Visual identity

I designed the company’s brand identity and its several offshoots, most notably #DONATE; the charity arm of the platform. Typography, colour schemes and UI elements all had to be designed in such a way as to instill trust and recognisability, yet not interefe too much with the brands using our technology.


Getting users to sign up to a new payment platform is always going to be contentious, so it was paramount the user onboarding became as easy and stressfree as possible.

Sweating the small stuff

As with most startups, you end up designing everything the business requires, down to investor memoranda, presentation and dev documentation. To lighten what is essentially a financial tech product we came up with these little heart dudes, tying into the charities market which adopted #PAY first.


Zandaka allows users to aggregate several bank accounts into one clean dashboard