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Donate to your favourite charity with your favourite app

#PAYis a service that lets users connect their Twitter account with a preferred payment method, allowing them to make payments to trusted merchants within Twitter.


I designed the company’s brand identity and its several offshoots, most notably #DONATE; the charity arm of the platform. Typography, colour schemes and UI elements all had to be designed in such a way as to instil trust and recognisability, yet not interfere too much with the brands using our technology. Read more about the #PAY logo here


Getting users to sign up to a new payment platform is always going to be contentious, so it was paramount the user onboarding became as easy and stressfree as possible.


As with most startups, you end up designing everything the business requires, down to investor memoranda, presentation and dev documentation. To lighten what is essentially a financial tech product we came up with these little heart dudes, tying into the charities market which adopted #PAY first.

This video was done by Knorr for World Food Day 2016, explaining how to donate via Twitter


This is a quick walk-through prototype of the user journey after the user’s initial engagement within Twitter.

Hit the play icon and scroll & click though the prototype

Keep it simple, sweetheart

We’re asking a lot of the sweet people who donate through a service that is so brand new. So a lot of hard work by the team and myself has gone into removing every unnecessary step and fine tuning the rest.


Adoption of the technology has been quickest in the charity industry, due to its ease of use and the inherent social nature of the service. We created bespoke user journeys for a number of larger charities like WWF, Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie, Global Radio’s Make Some Noise and 3FM Serious Request.

I drew this crocodile just as he was partaking in the London Marathon (and as a promo for #DONATE)

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