Dash offers a suite of superior audio analytics tools

Analytics dashboard

Designs for the analytics dashboard include line & pie charts, location charts, cohort analysis and an individual audio content management system.

The trick here was to present charts in a meaningful and engaging way, ensuring customers get actionable data rather than a plethora of numbers.

Episode engagment

Getting detailed analysis of each podcast is crucial for any publisher and Dash allowed them to find out churn per episode, made visible here by a colour fade towards the end of the audio visualisation as well as a highlighted section and pie chart comparing it to the entire podcast.

Also shown here are ad markers (pink triangles) and number of plays in the last hour and on the right hand side a quick select fly out menu of the latest 10 episodes.

Analytics Dashboard

I redesigned the Dash analytics dashboard from the ground up, including several types of charts and a completely custom CMS

iPhone app

Dash Jukebox is a free iOS10 podcast app that will be launched this autumn and includes generous sharing options and playlist capabilities.

Everything else

Being part of a tech startup you are involved with everything; I’ve designed investor presentations and chipped in on the content, created a complete set of UI elements, designed three consumer facing websites and designed bespoke mockups for numerous leads…

Dash Connect

Dash built complex crawling technology that let’s users feed Soundcloud data into Google Analytics. I designed this image to promote the service and the product’s website.

Bespoke audio apps

We also designed and built a number of bespoke (prototype) apps for news publications, music magazines and a little festival in California.

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